Saturday, April 19, 2014


I never ever thought I'd want to upper cut someone so much.

Just keeping it real.
Someone paid their tithes this week. I'm boggled about Marist's loss to MAC. Secretly, I had my green pom poms in my back pocket today. How a team currently 8th on the table can beat the team in first place is a great example of divine intervention.

Keep telling myself to stop with the rugby photography, but I just can't help it.
I love rugby. I love how my palms sweat so badly I can't grip my camera body properly when looking through the lens. Love how I'm on edge everytime I watch the sport and how my uneven breaths fog up the viewfinder.
It's all adrenalin for the love of a sport.
Crusaders won their game tonight against the Chiefs.
The rugby God's are making it rain in my favor today.
... and easter eggs.

Baby Bebin

Smiles with Bebin.
He knows his name, there is no going back.

Best storm ever last night. Took out the power and everything. If my sister wasn't sitting in the house with me when it blacked out, I would have been chicken and got Hubba out of her deep sleep and headed down to the Parentals.
Thankful for battery operated lights and mango candles.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The storm

Hawkes Bay is rocking a tasty little storm right now. The power will probably go out.

Show me how big your brave is.

Everytime I hear this song, I only think of Nessa-Nu, my 11 year old niece.
It's like it was written just for her.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy early Easter.

It's not everyday you go to school and watch a cadaver get skinned. The Professor gave us the chance to leave and I should have taken it, but what kind of nurse would I be if I can't handle the worst? I was surprised because one of the girls who walked out posts hunting photos of her and her Dad with dead animals all the time on her FB.

It didn't ingrain nightmarish images in my head at all. It's a corpse and the dude who wore it donated it to science before he died so thanks to him, I've been educated on the sciatic nerve and have realized how amazeballs the brain is to be able to control the body like it does.

Start my diet tomorrow ... so I'll eat all my chocolate tonight.
Brother 3 went hunting today, bought home venison. I let it denature in some pepsi max .. whoa. It's some good ish.  He remembered I asked for the loin last time. It's the best part mate. I have enough for several meals.

In Science

Dear Camilla,
Stop underestimating yourself.
No love,
By the grace of Yoda, I passed the science exam (mid term).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse.

It's funny when you have to explain to a 3 year old what's happening to the moon. It's funnier when you have to explain to a 20 year old what's happening to the moon too.
Moon passing into the Earths shadow people!

Glad the clouds stayed away for it.
They'll be back in a few days.
The anti-biotics for my foot are killing me. Feels like someone is making soda-pop in my stomach.

Low marks on my Communications essay. The feedback was something along the lines of, "exceptional" and "great" then,"but you misinterpreted the question".
Not even gonna ask. The grades are summative for that subject. The other two assessments should see me through it. If it had been just based on that one essay, it would be a fail.
My own fault.

Monday, April 14, 2014

1483 Words.

My topic was Maori Health: Tobacco & Alcohol Addiction. I learned a bunch of drastic statistics I didn't know before. My word count is under because there was too much to say, so I dropped a topic. I would have added Mary-Jane to the mix, but I have a colorful opinion about pot use. I've seen it boost the quality of life in cancer patients and so to some degree, it gets a thumbs up from me. I've also seen it do some damage by way of a sim card and machete. Ninz and Mitchy know what I'm talking about.

It's a cold night in The Bay tonight.

The Essay.

Shhhh .. I'm home wagging my Health lecture to work on the essay.
I maxed out at just under 1500 words. There is not much more I want to say, or research, re: Maori Health & Addiction. I've said enough.
We're on the Skeletal System in science. This mornings lecture was very fast and very informative.
3 more days of school and I'm done for 2 weeks.
Sister and crew come on Thursday. I get to see my Bebin. Nan can have the other two.
It's cold.
Need to go down to Hubba's kohanga and change her hours to 20 only. It's not like she's learning anything, unless shampooing your hair with sand is educational.
It's above average babysitting.
Pretty sure she learns more from Calimero on Disney Jnr.
I'll submit my essay before I go to bed tonight and take the rest of the afternoon off.
I'd wag the rest of the week if I could.
Maybe I'll pray for it to flood. With rain for another week, it's possible.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


1338 words down. I still need at least 500 words to complete what I have to say. I have to max out at 1550, so my conclusion might be brief .. as in "Maori's shouldn't smoke or drink" brief.

Brother 1 has gone and left an incomplete house.
Pretty sure I can google how to do their floor and do more than he done with my bare hands!

The monster sleeps in my bed tonight and it's so cold that I had to pull out the winter armour.

Before I go to bed tonight I want to watch this mornings Crusaders game, fold two weeks worth of towels and hang some laundry. I've been keeping away from the news websites so I don't see scores.

4 hours of school tomorrow.
Hoping the lecturer for our afternoon class let's us go work on our essays, because it's her subject, making tomorrow's school day only 2 hours.
Might pray for that tonight.


It's been 505 days without my one and only.
Last week of school for the term.
Essay due on Tuesday morning, which counts for 50% of our final mark for that paper.
1500 words needed.
1300 words to go.
Need a rest.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

On Friday.

I dreamed I passed my science exam. I also dreamed I was trapped in an elevator with Richie McCaw in a hotel where the visiting royals were staying.

The royals are touring NZ and the constant news about them is not news worthy. I do not care for the color Prince George is wearing today or hearing about people travelling from Blenheim to Auckland to catch a glimpse of Kate sailing. Get a life NZ. In more interesting news, Nasdaq is down 13.

Yesterdays renos.
I'd like to say things about the state of the house at purchase, but there isn't enough space on the internet for that.

Moving furniture in.

Stripped floor. The Livians scored a semi-industrial gas oven from Kath to slide into the slot in the corner.

Curtains are up! $12 netting's (all sizes) at the Warehouse this week and 40% off Maison D'or curtains.

I see you Mitchy.

Only Bebin's room needs curtains.

Nessa pinteresting.

The floors.
Bi-Polar didn't think ahead.

They got this far before they realised more tools were needed. He leaves tomorrow night, the floors must be done today or Mitchy will grow horns and borrow Romes pitch-fork.

El Diablo selfie.

Rome's eyelashes.

We have a reprieve in the weather today and the sun is out. MAC plays Taradale in Taradale.
I will not attend.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Reno's, foot, weather, rugby.

With only 3 days left to do anything, the floor should be done tonight. It took a while getting the lino out. There were 2 layers of the stuff above the original floor boards, which are not restoreable because back in the 60s-70s, tar was a common adhesive and there is a layer of tar above the boards where the first lino was placed. It was an effort to get the floor level and involved shovels, a crow bar, chisels, hammers, hacking and Uncle Stan. I had no part in it, but Mitchy almost killed someone with her chisel technique.

All walls are painted. Very grey.
We've had ongoing convo's about brother and his bi-polar reno attitude. He jumps from one place to another, changes his mind about colors, tools and directions. I've been giving him crap since Monday about it, while Mitchy sits in the corner giggling about it quietly lest she be kicked onto the couch for the night .. and the couch is outside in the shed waiting for the floors to be done.

Testing out the new handles on the cupboard.
It goes this way.
No it goes this way.
You open with your right hand. It should face this way.
But it looks better this way.
B1: It's this way. Just give it, I'll do it.
Bi-polar, go back and sand your wall.
Shut up.

Hubba hiding.


Bi-polar sleeps.

Trim on the corner.

While Mitchy and I were sharing our decorating ideas, brother rolled his eyes and told us we weren't designers.
Shut. Up.

Doctors appointment yesterday. The stupid thing got infected. My body rejected the anti-biotics they gave me and made me want to purge. When I did, it was foamy. Can't afford to have a homeostatic imbalance mate. I missed the elimination labs yesterday in skills where the class did the practical of what the lecture taught us on Tuesday - stool and urine samples.

It's been raining since last Saturday. I have lots of laundry that needs to be laundered. It's supposed to rain till next Friday. A minor downside of rural life, upside? Carport lines. Downside of having one? Mine is full with my Parentals and The Livians clothes. Washing the important stuff today = towels. They will have to inside dry and make my house feel damp. There is no other way.

I have let the rugby God's down the last 2 weeks and have 5 games yet to watch on mysky. I will get to those this weekend. 3 NZ teams have byes this week, so it's just the Crusaders and Chiefs to watch this weekend. Will omit MAC's game against Taradale this week for renos and my essay that's due next Wednesday.

Hello Beauden Barrett. I may have to dump my other imaginary boyfriend. He has impacted the Hurricanes team this year. Historically, the team have been below average, but their game play is not out of desperation anymore, it's because they have a team that have rugby in their DNA this year and not melancholy.

All Blacks trials have begun. How it should be.
1. Woodcock 2. Mealamu 3. Franks 4. Retallick 5. Whitelock 6. Messam/Vito 7. McCaw/Cane
8. Read/Hoeata 9. Ellis/Kerr-Barlow 10. Sopoaga/Barrett/ 11. Savea 12. Crotty 13. Fruean/Smith 14. Halai 15. Dagg/Piutau.
I'd also throw in all the Whitelocks & Smiths.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rennovation, Science, Foot & school.

The reno's at the Livians is progressing, slowly but surely. I liked the original floor boards, but it's not my house and I didn't have a say ... didn't stop me though!
You should have gone darker.
Shut up.
You should have. The walls are too dark for the floors.
Shut. Up.
You should have got a darker color.
I wanted to break the dark and make things warm.
A dark colour makes a room warm. Lighter colours make rooms cold.
I can only IMAGINE what my sister is thinking right now. Our brothers must be glad there are only 2 of us.


There are 3 shades of gray in the house, I like them all.

Carpet went in yesterday.
The carpet is brown. You said it was grey.
It is grey.
Its brown.
It has a brown tint in it, but it's grey.
It's brown. Mum said it's brown too.

Lounge & kitchen. The floors will be in by Friday.

Shaily & Nu's room.

Bebins new bed.

And that's the house. Furniture will come in after the floors are done.

Science exam.
I over thought the whole exam. Glad it's over, but I'll be lucky if I made the 50% requirement. I should have read through the revision notes more than twice. She only uploaded them on Monday, but it's no excuse for me not bothering during my study week.
I tried.

My gammy foot sucks. I stopped taking the happy tramadol pain killer Monday night so I could concentrate and be alert for the exam today. Going in to see my Dr. manana, which means no school! (silent yeeessss). Got our first assignments today for the May placements. I'm looking forward to it with much anxiety. I never was a peoples person.

.. and Baby Bebin, who will be here next week!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Science sucks.

I'm going to fail science. Holy crap am I going to fail it.
The exam is in 12 hours and I'm still trying to understand chemistry.
You get 2 chances to pass a paper. If I don't get it this semester, I'll resit next semester, which means I'll be in Tylers AP Science 1 class. I don't mind that I will be, it just sucks to have to repeat a paper.

I have nothing more to say about science other than .. I tried.
Found this tonight online.

My mum is in the middle row, 5th in from the left and whoa does Rome El-Diablo look like her.

Could use Larry's brain right now.
Could use a winning lotto ticket right now.
Someone needs to pay me to write fiction all day. I do better at that than science.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Re: Nursing.

We're at a part of nursing where I either have to shape up or ship out. Building therapeutic relationships aka being super dee duper nice, I'm finding is a hard thing to do. Alot of class mates feel the same way. We're learning how to care for the patient/client despite that you may have the weight of the world on your shoulders. It takes a certain person to be able to juggle that kind of weight.

When I told someone in class why I wanted to study Nursing, she said that wasn't a good enough reason and I probably wasn't ready yet, this side of loss. I didn't agree, but the more I learn the more it seems that she's right.

The education is raw, it's fresh and it's real and sometimes I find myself sitting in the classroom thinking, is this really what I want to do? Can't say I know that exactly yet, but there are 2 weeks left in the term and there are some decisions to be made.


Hubba & Ngawi not watching The Hurricanes game, which was played in Napier. We tried to spot Tyler and DMC at the game, but didn't.

With minimal time, we had to use Sunday to push through with the Livians new house. He has extended his time off work another week to get everything done. Painted yesterday, carpet goes in tomorrow.


The Youth came and helped moved the big stuff. I could go on and on about agreeing this is a bad example to work on Sundays and include the youth, but you know what ... no adults offered and the Livians were only given 3 days to move out of the other house. It sealed my feelings about doing unto others and the community.

Painted lounge.

Nessa dressed the monster today.

The Youth.

By the skin of their teeth, they're in the new house - but there is lots to be done.