Wednesday, August 20, 2014


August was always going to be a busy month and we're nearing the end of it.
This weekend Tyler will be 21. We're celebrating her birthday a night early, because of booking issues at a venue, and I'm kinda looking forward to it. I'm prone to be anti-social and I hate dressing up for anything that isn't religious and it's a formal affair. Her Dad also gets in on the weekend for his 10 days R&R from work.

Mitchy's hair woes continue.

Next week is Hubba's birthday. What started off with 20 people is now closer to 50. I decided to go all out for this birthday because it's the first time she's understood the concept of a birthday party and she's excited about it .. more excited that her cousin Larellyphant - who will most likely ditch her for Rome - is coming down for it.

Then there's the Stake song festival that night. Don't worry Peter T, my sister has taught her kids the songs and they'll be participating that night. I'll be recording it from the back.

Mitchy's hair was still orange today.

Then August will be over and it will be Spring.
I'm looking forward to Spring. My chimney's been hot since March and the billowing smoke that comes out the front instead of up the shoot is telling me I need to find a chimney sweep.

Hubba has asthma. This stressed everyone out and added to her medical woes. I still think that if Uncle Jeston didn't kiss and cuddle her while he had the flu, she wouldn't have been wheezy for three days.

Mitchy dyed her hair again tonight. It's less orange and more brown.

Told Hubba Papa Greg was going away to Wellington and she cried. She calmed her farm when I told her it was only for 2 days.
Cool dude.

We did not consume chocolate today. At all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Emergency.

Today started off just great. Two Mums and a baby went on Operation Tuesday lunch out.
Then Mitchy decided she'd peroxide her hair.

The idea was to get it light brown ...
Like this ...




After a quick text and call, we drove to cousin Dereks salon - Eklipz - and he happily took Mitchy in after closing time. There is no other way to describe Derek other than ... fabulous.
4pm - looking a little like Mufasa.

It's tragic isn't it.
No, it's not tragic it's just un-even.
That's another way of saying tragic isn't it.





Closer to brown than orange.
I like it.
Olly will like it because he has no hair of his own to like and he won't want to sleep on their couches for 10 days, because he's 6 foot+ and the couches are 5'8"long.

The things we do to look like J-Lo.
3 hours in the salon. If the company wasn't awesome, I would have left her there to sleep. Thanks to Shaily who internetted babysat in the car. We know we were in a free WiFi zone and that's why you didn't complain about being in a car with the babies for 3 hours.
Next time you see Mitchy, maintain eye contact. Do not avert your eyes upwards.
She might cut you.

Why weren't we at ward song fest practise tonight?
Because of Mufasachelle Craig.

Sarah died.

Shortland St will never be the same again.
My night was filled with laughter because she died.
Incase you don't click the link, Shortland St. is NZ's below average version of America's Greys Anatomy.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The game on Saturday.

I didn't mention that after 17 consecutive wins, the All Blacks drew against Australia in the game opener. The Richard-head of a ref called 24 penalties the whole game and issued 2 sin-bins, one I'm not 100% sure of the reason. Lots of mistakes, but the mistakes came when they seemed to have a head up over Australia. It was a nail biting 80 minutes.

I did not see the squad list when it was released during the week, but assumed Dagg would still be on it. I'm a lil bit offended that he wasn't.

I hate to say it, but all the older players in the team should be looking at their Plan B's right now because age is coming fast and muscle power diminishing just as fast.

.. and a word from the wise to McCaw.
You can't join a ruck from the side. CAN'T.
Still love you.

A mono dimensional game unfortunately. Perhaps this is the reason why Beale is eyeing a code switch.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Jesus Burrito.

A goal for the year was to keep on top of Visiting Teaching and so far, I've missed one month (May). Visiting teaching is just a reminder to the homes you visit that there's someone thinking of you. My Mum is the RS President in my ward and she's added homes to my list because she knows they'll get done and they're all homes I don't mind doing.

Each month you get a message and this years messages have all been Christ based. Today I made my homes burritos-to-go and as I was cooking I tried to liken a burrito to Jesus, but I couldn't think of anything. Burritos don't heal the blind and burritos can't walk on water.

While Mitchy and I were in town breaking the sabbath with the RS President, it came to me. Christ is the tortilla and us the burrito contents and we are all encircled in the arms of His love.

14 of Forever

Happy Anniversary my Love.
This pause for us is only temporary.

Until then, puedes estar tranquilo.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


School today because we missed Thursday. Started on the alphabet. Although she knows it from A-Z (with a few extra G's somewhere along the way), she cannot identify the letters if pointed out.

No tracing anymore. Progress! She tried a & b on her own after a line of tracing. She got an elephant stamp for effort.

Comfort food for dinner.

Early birthday present in the mail today from Abuela Doris in New Mexico. Tried to hide it from her, but the bulky package made her curious.
"Thank you times unicorns Abuela Doris"

At the dinner table tonight.
All Blacks gon' lose tonight.
Take that back or you're sleeping outside with the zombies!
They gon' lose. 'Stralia gon beat them.
I don't even know where that comment came from. She knows how I feel about rugby and The All Blacks and to belch that out at the table (or anywhere) is straight up blasphemy.

Smart ass.

Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Friday .. Friday .. gonna get down on Friday.

Just a little something to start your Friday off with warm fuzzies.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day Trip.

Got out of dodge today because the closest respectable mall is 2 hours south in Palmerston North. Just as we were feeling the 'big city' love, we got a reminder that we're just bumpkins from Ruralville.

Woodville. Just Woodville.
2 blocks long, best pies ever from the bakery with the black sign next to 4-Square.

The Plaza in Palmerston. 1 hour in the mall was worth the 4 hour trip. They have a United Sweets in there too. Thinking of making it a monthly thing to head there. I could list it under "Commerce" as a subject for home schooling.

Saw a rugby museum sign just before we hit Palmy.
It was like hearing the angels singing.
$12.50 later, I was not amused.
Shaily points out Pop Tori in the rugby bib-bill. (bible, inside joke).

You know you're one bored mofo when you make a McCaw portrait out of toast.
You know you're a freak when you pay $12.50 to see it.

2014 Investec Championship.
10pm Saturday.
Australia vs New Zealand.
Be there!
Tyler you better hope they are screening the rugby next weekend at your birthday party or this fish is leaving! Michelle, I'll drive myself to the party. Should only take me 30 minutes to eat and 30 minutes to drive home. Boom, 7.30pm kick off.

And now some of Michelles great photography work.

The best shot, out of 20, of the Manuwatu Gorge.

It's pretty freezing tonight.
TGIF - manana.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HS: The number 10.

Down, around.

This was Larry's phone pre-me. I love it. It's useful when the power goes out because it will still work, and was useful today in identifying numbers.

PA has a park.

Should we go for a walk to the park?
There's a park here?
Yes. It's across the street.
Why don't we ever go there?

Because it's not that great and there's always pee on the slide.
I like peas.
Why does someone want to pee on the slide?
No class.
No toilet.
Off we went.


2 swings later.
Home time.

After ten minutes.

Was that fun?
Yeah, but no wonder why we never go to that park.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Home schooling.

There's a potential that no one cares about our home schooling progress, but it's all a part of keeping a journal. I have a regular journal for her school stuff too, but adding photos is problematic since it's an actual book. She's identified numbers. Can't tell me what number it is if I point one out, but sitting at the bank on Friday she asked me what that number was on a billboard. It was an 0800 number for an Insurance Broker.

School sent a game for her to play to sort, match and name parts of the body. It was over in 30 seconds.

I, myself, think she's a great drawer for 3 nearly 4 and she's on a bit of a rainbow buzz right now - because of her birthday - and has been rocking rainbows in her art.

Started music lessons today. Theory so far. Right hand/Left hand. Identifying the 2-black keys and 3-black keys and a crochet (quarter note).

One of my Aunty's visited yesterday to talk politics. She stayed for 4 hours and we talked about everything. I told her about home schooling and as a teacher and staunch in her Maoritanga, she asked me if I had a Te Reo (Maori language) curriculum for her. The school offers something very basic, which is her level at the moment anyway. She suggested I teach her her pepeha. I barely know mine. I don't think Maori is a language that's useful, because women can't speak on a Marae. In saying that, it might still be beneficial somewhere. I'd like her to learn Spanish. When I tried to sit her down and watch The Lion King en espanol, she asked me if they were speaking in duck.