Friday, March 6, 2015


Someone taught her how to pukana. It's ok .. it's Matatini week and I consent because of it. To me her pukana resembles a monkey who has fallen onto a banana, butt first.


The Dust.

Pretty sure Jeston (left) is younger than Ashton. Ashty needs to eat what Jeston is eating, which is everything and anything.

Birthday visit.

Happy Birthday again mate.

Birthday Week.

He was born on the 6th of March US time, which is the 7th of March NZ time. I was born on the 8th of March NZ time, which is the 7th of March US time - 19 years apart. Yeah, we basically share the same birthday at the international date line.

Happy Birthday my Love.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


If his father wasn't a blond-haired-blue-eyed Maori, I'd seriously consider the idea that this boy's biological father is probably the Milk Man.

It's almost ginger Furness.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We only have eachother.

Realized last week that we have no friends. Planned a lunch this week to celebrate the fact that we're, by choice, rejects.
Population: 5 and when sister is here, 6.
Kicked it off with some Navajo Tacos.

.. and then there was this.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Tyler Amy, look out for these and return to New Zealand with them!

That brand mate!
I'll be your best friend and won't burn your stuff in your messy room.
They're Argentine.
The yellow box not the black box.
The chocolate covered ones, not the powdered sugar ones.
They're DELISH.


There's something about going somewhere where you know people and children decide to act the fool because they recognize the Aunty from next door. Hubba had a dental appointment this morning and we got Aunty Jamiee as the dental therapist. The child refused to get in the chair, tried to lay flat on the ground like a complete imbecile and even pulled out the tears as she clawed her way up my legs.

Unfortunate for her, Aunty Jamiee knows all about parental death threats, being from the same family and all, and that's where things took a turn for the better. I didn't feel so bad about whispering how I might murder her if she didn't get in the chair and open her Mi Goreng noodle shoot.

One little filling later and all was done.
Ten minutes to coax her into the chair, five minutes to get the dental work done.
20 teeth. Normal.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Canada ... Toronto ... Niagara Falls

Made it to Niagara Falls. Staying in a little cottage.
I do love cottages and that fact is why these images get blog mention .. plus Aunty Ness will appreciate them too. We both have a thing for detailed baches, hotels, motels ... holiday inns.

Performing in Niagara Falls sometime this week. If you are in the area Internets, check them out. If I knew a time or schedule, I would definitely tell you ... alas, I do not and neither does the performer.

Emma Camilla Leonie.

Births in my family come in waves. If not all the siblings, of my mother, majority had a baby in the same year. A perfect example of this, more recently, is Rome, Larell, Ngawi and Zion all born in 2008 just months apart. It was the same a generation before me and rampant in my generation. A tribute to these waves is held with Emma Camilla Leonie, who turned 8 years old today. I knew that one of the three of us would be ludicrous enough to pay homage to the 1979 wave. Add her last name into it and the whole name rolls off the tongue like dry cinnamon.
8 years later, there is still no flow to the name, but Emma Camilla Leonie Fa'alele has flourished into a little lady.
Thanks Aunty Kath for the cake.

A typical Emma (the mother) look.

The twins were in our 2002 wave of babies and Nazareth, who is 3 years older than his sister and 1 year younger than his brothers, does not seem to be growing much.

Emma Camilla Leonie.

With Uncle Ev (Bishop).


Happy Birthday Emma! May you not follow your mothers footsteps and name your child Emma Allegra Southon Zoram Leven.
Other names in the family that fall under the imbecilic category.
Shailahzay-Rhyme Jillian Lamour.
Atalya-Emma Teraipene Ruth (three names come from all the sisters of the father).
Just those two .. and they're both from Mitchy and Nina who were obviously on crack during 1999-2001.

Chiefs vs Crusaders and Spock.

The best part about the Chiefs vs Crusaders game lastnight was when one of the commentators did a shout out to all the Trekkies regarding the death of Leonard Nimoy aka. Spock. It made the Crusaders loss much easier to accept.

What a game though. There were fights, sin bins and brute force. Perfect rugby conditions.

Hika Elliot seems on his game this year. Ben Tameifuna too. I dislike the guy, personally, but he is a-ok in my rugby book.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

God bless the USA (and Canada).

Canada. Indspire awards. They were the opening act with Pieter T. Had to look him up on youtube to find out who he was exactly. His songs don't ring a bell at all.

The pukana is a hideous thing that shouldn't be part of the art, especially at an international level. 

It's time.
Eventually, I'm going to visit the US one last time. I abandoned my status, by default, years ago when Larry got too sick for us to fly anywhere. I could contest the abandonment and easily win a case based on his illness and our inability to renew my status and retain my permanent residency, but we fought the Immigration systems of both our countries for 12 years.
Emotionally and mentally, it's easier to abandon it completely than fight it.

PS. Week 9 in Capture real life in 52 weeks was an Acrylic Paint Mini Album challenge, which I will omit simply because it sounds as awesome as crafts night with the Relief Society.