Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Operation Occupy Twelve.

It's hard work trying to keep one kid happy. It's harder work trying to keep 12 happy. Yesterday they worked under the direction of Nan. They were weeding, cleaning, mowing their great-grandmothers lawn because let's face it .. no one else in the family is going to do it. It's a job that, by default of living here, is assumed on us and you don't know how hard a job it is unless you've done it. Not complaining, just giving insight regarding life in Ruralville.

I must give kudos to my 10 year old nephew who can work a lawn mower, like a pro, without complaining. Yesterday he mowed my lawns. The day before he mowed my grandmothers lawns. Very much so had a lot of respect for him ... and then his sister told me he took a dump in the paddock next to their house and that's where things changed.

Brother 3 almost talked me out of our planned picnic when he came home from work and became a Killjoy when I told him where we were going for our picnic. The Roys Hill reserve use to be a dump. Under all the lush green you'll see in the following pics lies a massacre of trash. In my mind I like to think it was all biodegradable, but I know in my heart that's just not true.
Had a great day at the dump anyway.

Proof the boy has a foot fetish.

It took 5 cars to get 17 of us 14.5 km. Sister and I have had the same car for 2 years now. She likes to tell people she got her Vectra first, but she didn't. Her's is an 04 and mine is an 05 and just by looking at the picture (mine on the right), my Vectra is way better than her Vectra.

It was a hot day in The Bay today and it's not yet summer.

Home for a good old fashioned Ruralville slip n slide with a garden hose, dish washing liquid and a tarpaulin.

Today, for Hubba, ended at 10pm.
4 more days to normalcy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 more days.

I left my camera in the car and it's too far to walk outside to get it.
Sister arrived this afternoon with her three kids, two of them are pretty horrible and the baby has a foot fetish. I must video tape proof of that between now and Saturday.

Try putting one of those new craze waist trainers on a telly tubby ...

I realized tonight that my 34-year old sister is still scares when I flick off the porch light and whisper boogie man into the night air. She ran to her car like a mofo. Made my night. She's gone to befriend that distilled beverage water & ethanol. I cannot wait to see her in the morning when her three kids are up and she's sitting on the Parentals couch pretending not to hear them or feel the throbbing inside her head.

Family picnic tomorrow.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Two.

They're plowing the back paddock to plant lily's (that's what I heard). I don't know what kind of lily's. I truly hope no one climbs the fence and ruins it for them .. like how we sometimes get a stick up our butt and go chop down some vines in the wineries when the water is low.

Lamb tails.
Spent a day at the Parentals/Grandparentals watching kids, from the comforts of the car, clean up with yard. They were rewarded with lamb tails, a bit of a delicacy as they're only available in spring, and the community was rewarded with smoke in every direction. So if your washing smells like lamb tails smoke for the next few days Ruralville, go tell it to my mother.

Four generations were on parade today at the Grandparentals. Here my grandmother sits after enjoying her feast of tails.

1 down 6 to go.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

League Semi-Finals.

Our little podunk community rugby league team made the finals.

Have to give a shout out to brother 3 who manned the ship this season as Captain.

It's the worst field to take photos at because of a bank that everyone stands on to see all. Next weeks game will be against the Bay Bulldogs, who they beat a few weeks ago. Up a grade next season?

Did not take photos of the family (most of them) dinner at the Parental's tonight. Long line up of early morning rugby tonight. It will be a Zombie sabbath, but what I am appreciative of is the school holidays right now and not having to help my Mum at the school on Monday.

Went to a meeting this morning re: the marae. There were points during the meeting where I felt discouraged and thought to myself, I should relinquish my affiliation so I don't have to deal with this ... but there will always be opposition and for the sake of the people who are trying to progress you have to just roll with the punches, however, if they're too hard and hostile - I'll claim I'm European.

PS. Countdown to the StrongArm's arrival. Hub's says 3-more sleeps.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Why do we torture ourselves every holidays?

Ever unblocked a toilet drain with a pregnant chick and a hose?
May you never have to unblock a toilet drain with a pregnant chick and a hose.

I despise teenagers who think they're more adult than they really are, who hide out of view from the powers-that-be just so they can secretly sit like they're married .. as such.

At Pandora park. We were there for much longer than I enjoyed.

Mum Rome said.
Shut it Rome!
Mum Jeston's doing.
Stop it Jeston!
Mum Ness called me.
Shut it Ness!
Mum Jeston said.
Shut it Jeston
Mum I want to go home.
Shut the hell up everyone.

Lunch time. Not all ours. We had 4 boxes, but the lady next to us assumed they were all ours and suggested we 'take our boxes with us'.
She can shut up too.

Not hot enough for this, but they did it anyway.

We're celebrating when school begins. One more week Mitchy. 
One. More. Week.
Best part of today was seeing this in the Education Gazette. She's like a home schooling celebrity.

More confirmation that this home schooling stuff is a good thing.