Saturday, December 20, 2014

Harriett & Sam.

Harriett is my first cousin. She thought she could look outside the box and find someone no one in the family knew, and someone we weren't related to, within New Zealand. Sam worked with sisters husband Joel in Auckland. Fail. After two years, they finally tied the knot today in a ceremony that I missed because I really didn't want to go. I've been assured it was short and sweet and after all the broken bridges they've had to cross along the way, it's finally happened for them.

Congrats to the newly weds!

My favorite shot of the day.

There was also a gala at the other marae this evening. We got there late and let's face it, it looked pretty stink compared to previous community events of the like.
Here's My Boo being a Maori.

Carols till Christmas 20

Had to. It was too good not to.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Carols till Christmas 19

Hot day.

Well. Christmas shopping officially sucks. All the crazies are out stalking eachothers trolleys in the hope you'll put back that limited time Frozen puzzle. All the good Scorched Almonds are gone (from The Warehouse) and only the Waikato ones are available and they're below average. On top of that, today was so hot it made me angry.

I'd never survive in Australia.
Thinking back on how I survived in the Mojave desert all those years, I narrowed it down to a million hours of air conditioning.

Fan and lavalava.

I have misplaced my camera.
I may have wrapped it up and put it under the tree accidentally.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Law & Order.

It's supposed to rain till March. If that is so, we'll all be under water by Waitangi day.

I was roped into attending an extended family dinner tonight. I pissed and moaned about going all day to my Mum because I always get volunteered into doing stuff. eg. Bridge Pa School production. Right up until 30 minutes before we left I was still contemplating attending.

I went and I'm glad I did.

Very rarely do you get to see just how extensive your family is and it's a nice sight, but something in particular sparked my interest tonight when an Aunty stood up and basically said that there weren't enough men in the family who knew the Maori lingo so she was toying with the idea to have women whaikorero. Typically, this is done by men, but because more women in the family are fluent, it's open for discussion to allow it on our marae.

Love that idea. If anything came from tonight, other than a fantastic juicy medium rare beef, it was budding transmogrification on the marae.

I know it's blasphemy to talk about it, but I always think when I'm sitting in my ward on a bland Sunday ... if only a woman manned this ship.

Law is from God.
Order is from women.

2015 may be the year to learn Te Reo.
Tena Koe.

Carols till Christmas 17

8 days.

I think I'm done Christmas shopping. As much as I'd like to worry about everyone this year, I really can't until I win the lotto and if that's never, then so be it. I'd like to go into a whole paragraph about solo parenting and the festive season, but that's not fair because I have a very big family who care and I can't feel sorry for myself because of them. This is communal living at another level. Looking out for each other. I know I can go to my Mums house for a meal at anytime. Mitchy knows she can find school lunches here when her kids each all theirs for snacks. Tyler knows my door is always open. Brother 3 knows I'll have lunch on Sundays even though he knows I only shop for two.
It's all because of love.
Hubba's advent calendar. 

Is it a spaceship?

Christmas is every day because I live close to the people that matter.
Wedding on Saturday as well as a gala that I can't commit to.
Sharing time Christmas circus on Sunday and to Auckland on Monday to retrieve The Livian. (Thanks Mum for having the kids).
Disco on Tuesday.
Christmas Eve party on Wednesday.
Christmas on Thursday.
Sister comes on Friday.
Sleep on Saturday.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 16.

Happy Birthday up there. Miss you every single day.
My comfort.

10 years ago when Jeston was born .. from day one, Nessa wanted to kill her baby brother.

Carols till Christmas 16

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A wet sabbath.

When my parents divorced there was bad blood. I still remember clearly my mother begging my Dad to stay, but he didn't. The same year I remember my Mum on the phone saying No to my Dad when he begged to come back. If I remember that much, my older brothers would remember more.

My parents were young. By 21, my Mum had 5 kids all under 5. I commend her for doing so well. Issues that my siblings have now are nothing compared to how they could have been given the rocky upbringing.

When they both remarried again; relationships turned more sour. I don't know why exactly, but they were sour for 26 years.

Mitchy pointed out my mother speaking with my Step-Mother today in the sacrament hall today. That's never happened. Ever. Any communication they've ever had has been with my Dad as piggy-in-the-middle and it was never nice.

I don't think tragedy necessarily brings people together, but more it gives people the opportunity to see who is dependable during a hard time and offers absolute solidity to relationships that are stretched so thin they're actually defunct.

My Mum did a lot of background work when Jazz died and I made sure my paternal family knew that. I now know, after today, that her input was appreciated.

Improvement in small steps.
I'm glad it happened.

Carols till Christmas 14

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The 6-pack.

Tried to beat the rain today for a do over with the Livians to include Tyler.
It was cold at the beach. The weather really does make a difference for a shoot.

This set didn't come out that great because of the weather and in every picture, someone is ruining it with a look of being completely over it, example: Frumpy Dumpy in the stripes at the end.

God must have a sense of humor giving Brother 1 five daughters. Two of them will claim they're Craig-Shultz, but numero uno goes to ...

... the fairest of them all.