Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lyrically challenged and selective hearing.

Yesterday Hubba began to sing the healing incantation song from Tangled. As usual, Shaily tried to harmonize then began singing the second verse.

Eugene has been hurt ..
It's not Eugene.
Yes it is. Eugene has been hurt.
It's not Eugene.
It's HEAL what has been hurt.
No. It's Eugene. Eugene has been hurt, save the fat design.
That doesn't even make sense. It's Heal what has been hurt, change the fates design.

Google told us what it was and she was wrong.

While I'm at it .. a few other lyrical errors with the family.

Oriwa on Open Arms by Journey/Mariah.
"Softly you whisper, your saucy sin"
Actual lyric:
Softly you whisper, you're so sincere.

My Sister on You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.
"I've been eating wrinkles"
Actual lyric:
I believe in miracles.

Mum on Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
"I heard there was a secret sword and Davy prayed to please the board"
Actual lyrics:
I heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord.

Hubba on the National Anthem
"God of Nations stinky feet .. "
Actual lyric:
God of Nations at thy feet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

1 of 15

6.30am wake up for an airport drop off.
There were no tears until we left. Sister told me Mitchy cried when we left. Mitchy told her. It's the circle of gossip life, you can't get away from information when it comes to sisters. Last text received from Mitchy was when she boarded her flight to Bangkok. Before I sent the kids to bed, I showed them a real time tracker of her flight. She's currently hovering over the top of Australia and has just under 5 hours left in flight.

What I've learned today after 12 hours as Camp Mother.
1. I'm glad I don't have 5 kids.
2. When you tell a child "I'll give you 5 minutes and that's it", you really do forget to keep track.
3. Laundry magically appears out of no where.
4. Washing 2 kids at once is self torture.
5. Rome's long hair needs to be cut. Took me 45 minutes to brush that mop. I've threatened her with death if she undoes her braid tomorrow at school.
6. Hubba is territorial. She keeps asking when they're going home.
7. Fighting over the TV remote has the potential to start a world war.
8. The Internet is another form of babysitting.
9. I sympathise with my sister, who has a habit of sitting in her closet and crying because of children.
10. F words bring smiles, not fear.
11. Chocolate is a childs valium.
12. I miss their mother more than they do because of the above.
I am SO glad it's my Mums day off tomorrow and SO glad it's a holiday weekend because we're all going to live at her house for the 4-day weekend.

Primary Presentation practise tonight at the chapel at the same time the youth had their combined activity. Holi. Looked funtastic.

Bishops son Soul.

Bishops daughter Sequoia on the left.

Sequoiks and Shaily.

Bishops daughter Shalloe.

Nessy Nu, fresh to young women's!


Bishops baby Seazer.

Bishops son Scout in blue on the right.

Two of Bishops kids are missing. Suede, who is on his mission, and Storey, who was distressing Rome.

Children in bed.
All is well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Biggest fan.

They do for me, musically, what those One Direction chaps do for all the stupid girls these days, mentally.

The Station.

I counted todays lunch with one of my VT sisters as message-received for the month, for her anyway. I had planned to make families dinner this month, but I decided that before I knew I'd be feeding an army when Mitchy goes to Thailand.
My eyes have been opened to her understanding of what's happening to her. I think she's an inspiration because she's upbeat and not letting what's happening to her lead her to a place where a lot of ill people go emotionally. She even joked about her illness. That in itself is brave.

Selfie! Not really. Subway Surfing.

A few nights ago I received some fabulous photos from Mitchy of Mitchy. The message under it advised that those set of photos were the photos to use in the event she goes missing in Thailand, but I looked through some photos and decided that this one best represents her.

"Last seen with a freckled girl with a perm and bad teeth".

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Camp Mother.

Mitchy leaves for Thailand on Wednesday. I must have been drunk the day I volunteered to have the kids for the 2 weeks she's gone. It's all getting a little real now. I was worried about Mitchy getting culture shock in Thailand until I realized, I raise Hubba differently to how she raises her brood. Her kids are in for the shock not her. All those times I gritted my teeth because they were misbehaving and weren't disciplined ... sleep with one eye open Jeston.
Nina and Mitchy's Thailand list.

Camp Mothers list.

Their list is better, but my chances of getting ebola are next to none.


Aquarium, Nessa's birthday, The All Blacks game, sleep overs, talking till 4am catching up with Ngaio.
Dinosaur discovery.

She was very scared of fake Brucey.

Marelise. The should-have-been Marelise.

BBQ the kiwi way.

Ashton got baptized.

No more birthday parties for the rest of the year! I am SO glad. It should be a rule that once you get to an age where you can 100% be an a-hole, you shouldn't get birthdays anymore. If we had this tradition in place, Ness would not have had a birthday since she was about 8.

Looking a lil bit like Nanny Lesley.

Blue box Red cake.

The All Blacks game was fantastic with a score of 28-29 to black. That score alone tells you just how fantastic is was. I don't know where Australia got their mojo from since the 2nd test, but it was much appreciated. They played the better game, but Fekitoa was fizzing enough to make that try at the 79th minute sided with Colin Slade's conversion. I don't have much faith in Slade, but he was on the money lastnight.

You can be 35 and still have sleep overs with your cousin, who wants to sleep in the same bed as you because she is scared and hasn't slept at your house since she was ... 14? I drew the line at sharing the bed with her and her 7 year old. She was lucky I let her stay at all. Laughed till 4am with her and Ngaio. What happens at Rome 35 stays at Rome 35 .. unless you're Sister or Mitchy, then I'll just tell you guys later.

Late for church again.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Today.

Today was supposed to go like this.
Wake up. School. Go hang with my Mum for the rest of the day.
Instead it went like this.
Wake up. Funeral. Burial. Car yard. Haakari. McDonalds. Cornwall Park. Winsor Park. Te Mata Peak. Lamb tails.

If I'm going to attend a funeral, there's a qualification process. If there's an inkling that it's going to be weird, I opt out. Events during the week indicated to as much and I just didn't want to go, but I did. Borderline bizarre.
Watched the burial from afar and left.

Got stuck with my cousin Emma and Tyler for the rest of the afternoon. We went to pick up Emma's new car and had our haakari at McDonalds followed by a trip to 2 parks.

Somehow wound up at the Te Mata Peak entrance eating strawberry pecan nougat.

These photos are from Tuesday.

Headed to Ma's, where the flowers are all blooming ..

... where the two stooges cooked lambtails.

Chief Captain Horrible was there on his electrical chariot.

And we ate lamb tails and took advantage of some much needed family time.

Next week Mitchy neglects us all and goes to Thailand for (probably) a well deserved R&R. I do not secretly hope she gets chronic diarrhea for the the first week. It's no secret, just a hope.
I'll be camp mother for 15 days.