Friday, October 31, 2014

10 of out 10 - AM.

Loved this song back when I was an 80s youngin'. It was the only song on my 90 minute cassette tape ... side A and B. I had used the paper-ball trick in the top tabs to record over a Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Christmas program.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

9 of 12.

Late start to the day today. Everyone went to bed at the same time, but they were all struggling to get up this morning. I appreciated the silence at 6am and not the usual dulcet tones of arguing. Just when I thought I had got rid of them for the day, I was reminded that I had school photos this morning at their school. This usually takes an hour, but I got out of there 15 minutes shy of 3pm. I feel a little ripped off.

Halloween tomorrow. I'll be doing what I was doing last year. Driving around avoiding everyone. The YW last night dropped off cards they made for everyone here to tie to their mailboxes if they're in the Halloween spirit. I'm tying mine to my Grandmothers mail box. She's always prepped. Took 4 of 5 to town to get Halloween stuff. Worst idea ever. I always run away from Mitchy when we go to town with her tribe in tow. Needless to say, dropped some imperative F-Bombs in the KMart.

When they saw their Nan sitting on the playground, it was a race for the first hug and even with one leg up on Ngawi, Hubba lost.

PA Juniors. Rome, Ngawi & Aunty Tashi.

Seniors. Waimea, Jeston & Robyn.

Hubba liked the social aspect of school and tried to line up for the school shot .. I'll reconsider public school, just not this school.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

8 of 12.

How did 15 become 12?
Spending 6 days alone in a country that isn't yours? Not on.
I know this, I spent 4 in Canada, completely alone back in 1999. Stayed in the hotel and dined on vending machine junk.

Sunday is the day of reprieve.
I love 8.30pm.


15 days was actually 17 days.
Brother 1 called this morning.
17 days has become 12 days.
Nobody better be tricking me, it's been the longest 7 days of my life.

The repercussion of having a MDO last Sunday has caught up on me. The All Blacks play USA this Sunday at 9am. This Sunday was a better day to take one.
I'm trying to work this out ...
40 minutes per half.
10 minute half time.
9am kick off.
90 minutes total.
Boom. I'll make it for 3rd hour.

That confession is between God and I.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

7 of 15 - Finale.

School resources came in over the holiday weekend, so we got back into it after a 3+ week break. Puzzles continue to boggle her.

She's a whiz at writing letters. She can identify around 20% of them.

Back yarding.
Remember the hoop Papa Greg put up a few months ago? Today Rome's friend Raiha swung from it and when she fell, the hoop fell with her, infact, she was still holding it as she lay on her back on the ground. Not sure who she was kidding when she decided to swing from it in the first place.

Drama & drama visited.

.. and these guys fell asleep watching TV at 7.30pm.

Four lunches for four naughties.

8.30pm - Bedtime for them, down time for Camp Mother.
Scandal and Revenge calls.

Heard the best news today. Just when I was beginning to think NZ  really was a little backward, I see an advert for a new Sci-Fi channel while watching a "How to hold a golf club properly" youtube vid. I've only been waiting for 5 years.

7 of 15 - Morning Report.

Shaily knows not to push boundaries, lest she lose her WiFi. Her weakness is needing WiFi for a social life.

Ness got a punch in the face from Jeston yesterday for calling him names. This is justice. She did not retaliate as usual because that punch was an eye opener and she knows his strength will overpower hers in the near future.

Jeston smiles when he knows he's in big trouble. It's a smile that will make you forgive him immediately. He's also afraid of the hallway at night and will scream like a girl if you scare him as he walks it. (I must record it).

Rome says 'nah' alot. For every 'nah' she says she get's her ears yanked. Seven times before breakfast this morning and easily a hundred before she was picked up for school. She's rocking red ears with her blue school uniform today.

Hubba wants to know when Mum Mitchy is coming back to take her kids home to their own place. In monotone this morning, she told Rome to 'shut the door' instead of a chirpy 'goodbye' as Rome left for school.

Needless to say, I miss their Mother for all the reasons that aren't the actual act of missing someone.


MDO = Maori Day Off.
Playing hooky. AWOL.

I didn't know the whole family had an MDO on Sunday, but all the same, it's not nice to critique someone who wants to practise their free agency and when you're asked where you were from a person who is known to have an attitude problem, it's unnecessary to dignify them with a response.

People in the ward are doing worse things than taking a Sunday off.

Pretty stoked there is school today.

Monday, October 27, 2014

6 of 15

Today was very ... yelly.
Between selective hearing and fights, I've reached 1/2 way up the wall.

Pancakes at Nans for lunch.

Hanging around because it's too wet to do much of anything else.

Today was just a long day. The end of the long weekend where your plan A and B didn't pan out because of weather and your C plan is nothing. Glad there is school tomorrow. Tonight might be the earliest I've been to bed in a while.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

5 of 15 - PM

No kids. Smoked fish for lunch. Processing meat from brother 3's hunting escapades. BBQ at Nans. More golf. Kids in a tree. Hartman. Date & Walnut loaf and Ngawi with two legs.

I have a photo of these two back in 2003 at our Pops funeral. I wanted to redo the photo, but when I told Shai to jump on Uncle Harto's shoulders, things got majorly faux pas.

Pretty tired, but I've been promising Shai karaoke since Friday.

5 of 15- AM.

After 5 days you've adjusted to the running around, in and out of rooms.
You've learned to sleep through the 6am fights and only yell at the top of your lungs if you hear something break.
You learn the difference between a pretend cry, a laugh cry and a real cry.
You conform to the fact that there is going to be laundry every day and there will be alot of it.
You've come to terms with the idea that something taking five minutes will really take thirty.
You prepare yourself for the fights over what to watch on TV and who is on the computer first.
You know there's going to be someone who doesn't like dinner and they'd much rather have tomato sauce on crackers.
You utilize the older ones and brush it off when they complain under their breath.
You're ready for the begging when you stop at the grocery store and you've got the act of being mentally sound down as you walk with them all through the store.
You've mastered how to block them out when you're driving in the car and they're calling out your name to tell on someone, in unison and repetitiously.
I've learned to look forward to waking up in the morning to do it all over again.

They're good kids. Weird, but good.
I've had worse kids for less than 2 hours that have sent me into lunacy. Let's face it, I've always had a soft spot for this particular brother's kids.

Ain't no thaaang but a chicken wing.

In saying that, they're going to spend the day with their Aunty and cousin. This equals freedom. Going to sit at my Mum's all day and pretend I'm 10 years old again.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

4 of 15 - Evening Edition.

Playing at home in the morning. Laundry. Karaoke. Prepping for town at Nans. The Park. Planning for Christmas. Wheel-chairing. Golf at The Parentals & home for Nan's venison stew.

Take note Furn's and Michelle. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas menu's are out.
Simple this year, but tasty. Aunty Tashi also decided the Secret Santa will be done for Christmas Eve. We'll pull names at a FHE next month.

I'm less a kid again tonight. He's the one that torments Rome under his breath when he thinks no one can hear. Everyone is made aware of it when Rome's distress calls begin. That's when big sister lays some threats. All I can do is roll my eyes because it always happens in the car when we're driving somewhere.

Good day today. MDO religion tomorrow. The kids are going to spend the day with their Aunty. She didn't look too keen when I asked her if she was ready for five kids. The baby girls are asleep. There's a drunken party next door. I was warned about it a month ago and I'm appreciative that my neighbors have the courtesy to advise ahead re: stuff like that. It makes the vibration of my house more bearable.

Mitchy has neglected her children today via correspondence. I imagine she and Freckles are living it up in Bangkok! Brother 1 keeps ringing.

Just ringing to see if the kids are alright.
And what if they weren't?
Shut up. I'm just asking.
For real, what would you do if they weren't alright?
Shut up you son of a bee sting.

35 21 and 38 and still talking like we're teenagers. Told my Mum today that I would have been a great mother of five.
In the same breath I thanked Heavenly Father that I wasn't.